Martha Densmore’s Acubody® strength training is available at New England Fitness 24 hour gym in Topsham, Maine. Whether you’re new or experienced all training is enhanced with Acubody® ergonomics. See media page for testimonials and interviews about Martha and how Acubody® works. Special rates apply so please check with Martha directly for current schedule availability, rates, and special offers. All training is sold as a series package.

Strength Train Seated pull-down
Martha Densmore RN, L.Ac. seated pull-down

Each session taught by Martha is solely focused on custom strength training. A Maine RN and native who holds a California acupuncturist license, Martha teaches you the importance of fit with heavy machinery, being very safe and comfortable while leveraging the heavier weights for best results. Acubody began in the year 2000 after Martha realized too many of her patients were getting continuously getting injured in the gym.

Martha’s unique and advanced technology is the benefit of her vast east-west clinical career of 25+ years as a nurse and healer alongside prominent Olympic team chiropractors, Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, pilates instructors, and yogis, all at the cutting edge for health, healing, wellness and sports medicine.

Acubody® experience grounds you in ergonomic fit for safety and comfort, calm mind, yet the necessary heavy lifting that gets results fast. The program promotes relaxation, anti-aging, posture realignment and it reduces stress.

Martha’s expertise includes structural realignment of the spine, injury prevention, brain health, mind-body healing. Acubody® addresses past and present mind-body trauma, acute & chronic stress, age related atrophy of musculature, addiction recovery, limited thinking and just those nagging old habits that hold you back. For added benefit Martha includes her signature invention the WISSH® Kit essential oil tarot designed for healers and nurse led teams. You will be invited into a special fragrant world to heal archetypal energies and even enemies.

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