Hi, I’m Martha Densmore, RN, acupuncturist, healer. Acubody is my trademark brand since the year 2000. Acubody means the “true fit”.  You’ll know it once you have it. You experience good fit, then you’ll always know it when you feel it.  And you’ll really know it when you aren’t supported. Thus the lesson, “To him who already has, more will be given.” ~Christ, Jesus

Acubody started as my own personal journey of learning how to use true fit with weight training equipment in the gym. I thought I had nothing more  to learn for exercise at one point. Many folks think like that. I took  chance and found out about a whole new way of living and listening to me body.

I already had a healing practice, so once I learned the best way to train and had discernment about ergonomic fit in my body, I began coaching clients and yeah them how to adjust gym equipment and weight machines so as to leverage efforts and totally avoid injury, heal pain, and get the results of a lean healthy body.

Pursuing my  passion of promoting pain-free living, I now  work in the larger field of interdisciplinary health often called integrative medicine.

How do health professionals from different worlds fit together in integrative medicine? Not so perfectly. Turf wars and tyranny in healthcare is like having a bad training session in the gym. Sit ups don’t feel good but you’re told to do it anyway. I teach new ways to define and treat health.

A little about me, Martha. In 1963 my spiritual calling was revealed to me in a prophetic dream when I was only three years old…

When I was young my family lived near the ocean in Portland, Maine. I’d awake in the morning to the sound of Atlantic fog horns. One morning I had the following dream: I dreamed I was a woman walking briskly on a cobblestone street. It was dark out and misty but there were lights, possibly street lamps. I passed by a building. It was an old brick edifice. It had a clock tower. I looked up and saw the clock.

Young girl as nurse

Young girl as nurse

As I walked along I noticed something, I was wearing a white uniform with a black cape about me. My mind was focused and determined like I was consumed with some business I had to do. I clutched a black doctor’s bag. Nurses used to carry such bags.

Old Union Station, Maine

Old Union Station, Maine

The building in my dream was like the old Union Station in Portland Maine. 100 years back in Portland in 1863, Phineus Quimby healed Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. Quimby used what he called God-force. Mary was inspired and later discovered a higher science. These days were the great cosmic awakening of the New Age that too few know about today.

Dr. Phineus P. Quimby

Dr. Phineus P. Quimby

Right there in Portland, Mary Baker studied with Quimby. He was both mentor and catalyst to an exotic American Science discovery, the Christian Science healing method. Phineus Quimby was also a clockmaker with several timepiece patents. Of all my dreams, I remember this one because it was so strange.  When I woke up I was perplexed, astonished, and in wonderment. I was just a little girl so how could this be. I thought: That was me? I am/was this woman. How can it be? I just now was a grown-up. I am/was a nurse?

In 1991 I recalled my childhood dream. Just as I parked my car at Santa Monica College for my first class in nursing school.  Today my nursing work bridges many fields of medicine, healing traditions and spirituality.

My Acubody trademark brand was founded in the year 2000. It started as a system of ergonomic techniques for mind-body healing. I now use Acubody principles of Good Fit and True Fit to align healers. My mission and work is to empower healers. It’s done through an integrative diagnoses platform that bridges multiple disciplines.

Integrative medicine is a buzz word in healthcare. Integrative medicine isn’t simply various healing disciplines working under the same roof. There’s lots of disconnection among professions and healers. In order to bridge gaps I created a model called WISSH. The WISSH model is based on three holistic sciences: Nursing, Acupuncture-Daoism, and Christian Science.

Acubody evolved from my over 25 years of clinical experience in east-west medicine. My genre includes healing traditions from the Bible times forward. I use ancient yin yang theory and nursing to align healing methods. The Acubody logo emblem represents True Fit and True Unity in the field of medicine.


Martha Densmore, RN, L.Ac.