Martha Densmore is a holistic RN and California licensed Acupuncturist residing in Brunswick, Maine. Her passion is educating nurses, healers and students Acubody strength training for mind-body healing, alignment, strength and energy. Acubody uses strength training in the gym to reconnect you to your body. It’s a revolutionary approach to strength training. Acubody teaches you how to use ergonomics. You will learn about what is a good fit, and what is not, and it will help you with everything you do. It all starts in a gym using weight training. Many women don’t feel comfortable in a gym. That’s understandable because most gyms are designed for men. Most machines are designed for quite large men.

Acubody teaches you how to set up a strength training exercise in order to be safe and perfectly comfortable. You will also learn how to be independent in the gym because you will have your own program. A series of ergonomic exercises is customized for your personal body and needs. When ergonomics are in place you will comfortably manage heavier weights to get results. It will actually feel better like when that massage therapist hits just the right spot. You will too as you train at a high level that produces optimum results. Acubody teaches you how to sculpt your body beautiful in perfect comfort while healing pain, mental trauma, acute and chronic stress.

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Martha’s formal career as a healer began in 1991 as a massage therapist and nursing student at Santa Monica College. While in nursing school Martha ran and then co-owned an acupuncture office in Beverly Hills. So began Martha’s deep interest in east-west and integrative medicine. Martha’s numerous certifications include aromatherapy. Martha is the inventor of the WISSH Kit, a 24 essential oil kit that is based on tarot, Daoist I Ching, Christian Science healing, nursing, and Jungian psychology. The kit is a diagnostic and treatment tool designed for healers. Martha is currently offering treatments with the WISSH Kit to healers at New England Fitness and to clients of the Acubody system.

In 2009 Martha founded a non-profit called Iraq Rose and its pilot program, LAVA, Los Angeles Veterans Acupuncture. Martha did this in response to the epidemic of Iraq War veterans returning home with the diagnosis of PTSD, vets on deadly psychiatric medications.  Referrals came from psychologists at a vet center. Martha ran the clinic for two years, treating vets for $5 a treatment with integrative natural medicine. Acubody and the WISSH Kit are both methods that heal mind-body trauma at a deep level.

Martha’s experience in clinical medicine spans 25 years of east-west medicine. Some of her past work includes developing east-west integrative protocols at the Pacific Fertility Center in L.A. Martha also worked with another inventor, sports medicine’s Dr. LeRoy Perry, at his International SportsScience Institute in Los Angeles for several years. In the 1990s Martha co-owned the Sun-Moon Acupuncture Herb clinic in Beverly Hills for 10 years. Her more traditional nursing career has included working as a treatment nurse for wound care and as a charge-nurse for plastic surgery aftercare.

Martha’s passion in life is being free to advocate for spiritual principles and truth in medicine and mind-body healing.

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