Christian Science flying Under the Radar

Shell Oil Ad c. 1943 Flying Under the Radar
Shell Oil Ad c. 1943 Flying Under the Radar

Christian Science has been flying under the radar for a century now. In my last blog about the “The Healer” I link to a discussion by Dr. Laurance Doyle, astrophysicist at the SETI Institute.

The Christian Science Church has a division called the Committee on Publications (COP). I learned of the Committee early in my deferred and or deterred study of Christian Science. In December 2014 a study was published comparing Acupuncture to Christian Science regarding the concept of Boundary Objects. The study showed that the COP had campaigned with Obamacare for recognition of Christian Science. I honestly don’t know if they were trying to allow the services of Christian Science practitioners to be covered care or for the members of the church to be excused from the penalty tax if they didn’t have insurance.

In either case the COP represented to the Obamacare people that Christian Science heals through the same process as a placebo.

Vintage ad for Placebo
Vintage ad for Placebo

They used the idea loosely. I was shocked that the Committee, that any Scientist, would say Christian Science works using a like of the placebo effect. Christian Science is absolutely contrary to the placebo idea. A placebo is a concept of thoughts affecting of human beliefs. A placebo is confined to the idea of the power of people’s thoughts, the human brain and mind, helping medicine works. It surely does and has been proven. A placebo is contrary to the principle in Christian Science, a Divine force that excludes mortal mind conceptions and the physical senses.

Dr. Doyle in talking about “The Healer” movie (which seems bogged down indefinitely) states that he had to have a get tough discussion with the COP telling them that they must now finally go beyond being “under the radar”. This is because the evolution of science, physics, is becoming so metaphysical that Mrs. Eddy’s teachings must come out of the closet for the Truth to be known, so that Christian Science can be fully claimed for its historical fact in history.

When Dr. Doyle said “under the radar” I began to ponder, once again, about the reason why so many people in America, healers in the metaphysical community, why it is we know so little about Christian Science. Seek and ye shall find. I have pondered for a year why it is that when I go in the Reading Room on State Street no one is there. I mean hardly no one is ever in the Reading Room. There’s a reason.

I brought up Dr. Doyle’s comments to an old-timer Scientist on Sunday. I said, “You know, have Scientists purposefully been projecting thoughts, like a mental thought field, to keep inquiry into Science out of range?” She smiled. Beat. She hadn’t told me about the movie. Beat. She confirmed the answer and said, “That’s why the Mother Church would’t give them a dime to make the film. There’ve been several attempts to make a film about Mrs. Eddy you know.” Beat. “I sent them fifty bucks,” Beat. She smiled again. I sighed and took a deep long cleansing breath.

Operation-Christmas radar
Operation-Christmas radar

So now I have a better perspective as to why it took bumping into Mrs. Eddy’s very old book in a thrift store for me to find out about Christian Science. I penetrated the radar. Either my mental radar is gaining ground or the Science radar is wavering. God, thank you for the Jericho walls that finally come down.

This is not such a small thing. It was Christian Science that got the vaccine exemption for school children. Christian Scientists have never had to vaccinate their kids. God bless them. I remember when I took my son to school in the 1980s and was told he had to have vaccines I asked how to get out of it. The school wouldn’t tell me which church. The next year I was a member of a church called Church of Christ. They said, “We don’t get into that area.” I had no idea. We didn’t have the internet then.

Well what can I think? It’s all in God’s time and in His hands. Science will now stand openly in science and Mrs. Eddy’s discovery will light the way for many a good thinker.

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