My formal career as a healer began in 1991 as a massage therapist and nursing student at Santa Monica College. While in nursing school I also worked in an acupuncture office. I have several certifications in various disciplines including Reike and aromatherapy.

In 2009 I founded a non-profit called Iraq Rose and a pilot program, LAVA, Los Angeles Veterans Acupuncture. I did this in response to the epidemic of Iraq War veterans coming home with the diagnosis of PTSD, put on deadly medications. We ran the clinic for two years, treating vets for $5 a treatment with integrative natural medicine. I learned a lot about the VA system. I dissolved Iraq Rose after much frustration dealing with the VA.

I first developed the WISSH model to answer the need of the very poor and limited medical diagnosis, PTSD. I’ve been refining the model since 2009. In 2014 it went through a major science update with the addition of Christian Science where before had been the secular approach to spirituality called modern psychology.

My two trademarks are WISSH and ACUBODY. WISSH is both my publications in the field of medicine and my model of integrative medicine. I unveiled The WISSH Model at Dr. Peter Breggin’s Empathetic Therapy Conference in N.Y. in 2012. At the conference once presenter said he didn’t believe in diagnosis, that love was the only issue. I asked him what he thought of a diagnosis: Love, deficit. He agreed it was as much as he was saying. The model includes the flexibility of positive wellness descriptions and at risk diagnoses, a spectrum.

My experience in clinical medicine spans 25 years of east-west medicine. In the past I developed east-west integrative protocols at the Pacific Fertility Center in L.A. and for sports medicine at Dr. LeRoy Perry’s I.S.I. Earlier, in the 1990s, I co-owned the Sun-Moon Acupuncture Herb clinic in Beverly Hills for 10 years. I had a different last name then, Martha Khalsa. My hands on nursing work has been as a treatment nurse for wounds and a charge-nurse in plastic surgery aftercare.

I love being true to my healing career. I’ve walked away from many jobs that required less. My standard for healthcare is honesty and actual caring.