Christian Science flying Under the Radar

Christian Science has been flying under the radar for a century now. In my last blog about the “The Healer” I link to a discussion by Dr. Laurance Doyle, astrophysicist at the SETI Institute. The Christian Science Church has a division called the Committee on Publications (COP). I learned of the Committee early in my […]

Christian Science Discovered in Thrift Store

I found out about Christian Science from an old book in a thrift store. After twenty-five years as a healer and student of alternative natural medicine in Los Angeles I hadn’t known what Christian Science is. L.A. is a hub for complementary medicine and for spiritual truth-seekers. Christian Science is, I believe, a primary medicine […]

Boundary Objects in Medicine

Boundary objects play a huge role in medicine. Turf wars in medicine are about boundaries. Right now there’s a turf war going on in acupuncture because physical therapists are doing acupuncture by calling it something new, dry needling. It comes down to each state’s scope of practice law. Physical therapists are purely working in natural […]