Acubody Strength Training

Martha Densmore trains patients and clients of New England Fitness gym in Topsham, Maine. See Video Gallery for testimonials and recorded interviews.

Strength Train Seated pull-down
Martha Densmore RN, L.Ac. seated pull-down

Each gym exercise session is a one-on-one customized class of strength training. Both an RN and a California licensed acupuncturist, Martha teaches individuals how to be comfortable, how to evaluate an exercise, and how to leverage heavier weights for the best results. 

Martha’s east-west clinical experience in the health spans over 25 years working alongside prominent doctors and Pilates instructors at the cutting edge of technology in health and sports medicine.

Acubody® is ergonomic safety and comfort for strength training. For women and men, the program works to promote relaxation, anti-aging, and stress reduction.  Once trained on the Acubody® program, you will be independent in the gym. Martha’s clients appreciate being empowered to self-pace, relax as needed, stop at any time, and even leave and come back later if a work issue arises. Clients are able to return at any time to continue the exercise prescription. Martha’s clinical expertise includes structural realignment of the spine, injury prevention and mind-body. Acubody® training addresses past mind-body trauma, acute and chronic stress, age related atrophy of brain and musculature, addiction recovery, limited thinking, and kicking undesirable habits.

Martha includes in tote her signature invention WISSH® Kit essential oil tarot based on Jungian psychology and Christian Science healing.

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