Christian Science Discovered in Thrift Store

I found out about Christian Science from an old book in a thrift store. After twenty-five years as a healer and student of alternative natural medicine in Los Angeles I hadn’t known what Christian Science is. L.A. is a hub for complementary medicine and for spiritual truth-seekers. Christian Science is, I believe, a primary medicine and primary spirituality.  But it’s been hidden.

It was founded in 1875 by Mary Baker Eddy. Christian Science is incredibly well established including through its Pulitzer prize winning publications, its church, reading rooms and library all headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

Christian Science Reading Room
Christian Science Art Deco Reading Room

I moved to Santa Barbara a few years ago. The C.S. Reading Room is an attractive mid-century building on State Street. I passed it so many times thinking I gotta check that place out. But I never got there.

My taste is like classic cars. I’m attracted to the genuine article. But I never went in.

I discovered Christian Science in a thrift store in late 2014. There was an old book for sale down the street for $20. It was “Concordance to Miscellaneous Writings”, a 1st ed. I almost didn’t buy it. It’s design is like a bible.  I thumbed through the headings, an exhaustive number of headings on rice paper thin pages. My eyes landed on the word “allopathic”. Allopathic and Christianity and the Bible? I saw the word “mental” and it had so many references. The references. What were they? What is this?

I wondered. I thought “Someone has done a awful lot of thinking here”. I thought, “Look at all this organization”. I walked away from the book. $20 is a lot for a book in a thrift store.  And I had no idea what it was.

But then, I turned around and bought it.  I put the book in a drawer for two months. When I went on a visit to take care of my mother I took the book to look into it. By the way, the night I got it…well an orange orb of light appeared off our balcony.

Christian Science is now incorporated into my WISSH integrative medicine.

I’m glad, amazed, and bewildered by the New Age. Back in the 1980s I perused the Course in Miracles at the Bodhi Tree bookstore. The Bodhi Tree is gone now. It was my favorite spiritual sanctuary in L.A. You could read the books there. I wonder how many times I walked by the Christian Science section. Did they have one?

I remember looking at the Course in Miracles several times. Didn’t buy it. It seemed like a contrived mix of Christianity. But from what source I wondered, like where did all this stuff come from? Now thirty years later I know.

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