The WISSH Model

WISSH is a health model. It’s focus is integrative diagnoses. The model is based on three sciences: Nursing, Oriental Medicine and Science of Mind a.k.a Divine Science as taught by Mary Baker Eddy.

Eddy wrote that “Truth reveals itself through all ages: past, present and future”. As so practitioners of classical Daoist acupuncture share alike emphasis  the importance of thought and mental states on health and also methods to strengthen virtue.

The healing professions are in a desperate need of a new model for integrative medicine.

Acubody is about teaching and instruction on the WISSH model. It’s been an evolution in holistic healing. Acubody started as a brand of teaching ergonomic strength training to reconnect the mind-body, particularly for stress problems, mental health and post-traumatic stress.

The mission has evolved to empower healers by teaching integrative medicine based on a spiritual platform. The WISSH model does not teach any one science, such as Science of Mind or acupuncture etc. It’s a tool that works like a hinge. The model bridges and unifies data across separate discreet platforms. Each science, or healing way, must retain its integrity and identity. Healers and healing ways must retain unique identity or we’re not talking integration.

WISSH is an ergonomic model of integrative medicine that creates harmony. It’s purpose is integrative diagnosis for nurses, acupuncturists and for healers of various certifications. This is a new science whereby a unity of healers is enhanced through a model of integrative diagnoses.

Why bother? Because medical diagnoses tend to be limiting.  They tend to promote “disease” centered care. There is no model of perfect health, no such diagnosis in western medicine. But the WISSH model accommodates wellness diagnosis.

In certain areas of clinical practice healers are disenfranchised by medical diagnoses. There’s a lack of truth and accuracy when acupuncturists treat a medical diagnoses that is not true to Oriental Medicine. The same happens when nurses don’t use their own nursing diagnoses. The same is true when energy healers don’t even diagnose. WISSH addresses this problem using ergonomic fit.

We want healers to be true to healing systems. The model’s ability is to streamline an approach across a wide field of healing methods both modern and primitive and to include such methods as 12 even Step recovery and yoga.


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