Mary Baker Eddy “Rebel with a Christ”

“Rebel with a Christ” is a radio show I did about Mary Baker Eddy on Nov. 18th, 2015. Karen Tate’s award winning show is on  “Voices of the Sacred Feminine”

It’s been a year since I discovered Mary Baker Eddy. I’m still amazed that I had never heard of her and also that other people into spirituality, so many women and healers have never heard of Mary Baker Eddy.

In one such moment of amazement I thought to ask Karen Tate if she’d ever heard of Mary Eddy. Karen’s an expert on the sacred feminine. She’s voted one of the 13 most influential people on goddess spirituality. Her online radio show “Voices of the Sacred Feminine” is a popular hit for years. Was I surprised at her answer? No. Because just like me, including living in the spiritual Mecca of L.A., Karen had never heard of Mary B. Eddy.

Anything with the word “Christian” we too often pass over. Wow! Like really wow! So Karen and I chatted on the topic of Mary Baker Eddy on Wed., November 18 on Karen’s radio show “Voices of the Sacred Feminine” at Blogtalk Radio.

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  1. Cheryl Petersen - April 10, 2017 Reply

    Thank you for giving voice to Mary Baker Eddy.
    I grew up learning about Christian Science and was inspired to revise Eddy’s “Science and Health” into modern language. I revised according to Eddy’s pattern of “requisite revisions” as mentioned in the last paragraph in “Science and Health’s” chapter, “Some Objections Answered.” Here is a version of the chapter from the 4th edition of my book, “21st Century Science and Health.”

    Lights need to continually be spotlighted on women. I learned today that Lydia was the first Christian convert in Europe, after being baptized by the Apostle Paul. As for Eddy, I wrote this:

    I’ve also given a sermon about “Father-Mother God” at a local Unitarian Universalist church, such a lovely healing concept.

    I’m glad I found you. Listening to the radio interview was heartening.
    Cheryl Petersen

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