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M​​​​​​​​artha Densmore​​​R.N., Acupuncturist

I​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​n 2009 Martha Densmore, a holistic nurse, recognized the need​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  for a model for integrative health.
Martha was stirred to take action after reading a 2008  "Time Magazine" cover story  about Iraq War veterans suffering from Hopelessness and PTSD. A new model offering new perspectives would help.

In 2018 Martha finalized efforts with the WISSH® Kit invention. This new kit is a 24 essential oil aromatherapy set designed for mental wellness analysis, welllness diagnosis, and acu-point treatment. It's designed for diverse holistic healthcare teams. WISSH Publications prints items such as kit instructions, charts, and poster maps. Patent work was completed after Martha moved in 2017 from California to the midcoast of Maine.

Aromatherapy was Martha's first discipline as a healer beginning as a massage therapist in 1991. Martha had created oil sets in the 1990s for her acupunture-herb clinic clients in Beverly Hills. The early sets were repurposed Chinese herb boxes holding essential oils as a tarot based on old English herbal lore, traditional tarot concepts, and Jungian psychology. Martha copyrighted the first booklet for an essential oil tarot in 1998.

The WISSH® Kit synthesizes three primary health sciences in its foundation along with a timing mechanism. Timing a client's "blind pick" of an oil archetype qualitates diagnostic health data using a quantum physics metaphysical approach. WISSH kit diagnoses wellness health conditions by analyzing a client's synchronicity relative to a higher truth and Jungian psychology archetypes.

The WISSH​​​​​​® Kit's diagnoses taxonomy preserves and is inclusive to traditional healing ways.

The WISSH® Kit accomplishes what Carl Jung had longed for and wished for late in his career, a Scientific Device that delivers a diagnostic spiritual experience in a truly synchronistic moment. 

The WISSH® Kit method integrates three established health sciences: holistic nursing, classical Daoist acupuncture, and Christian Science healing along with Jungian psychology. The kit delivers an integrative wellness diagnosis, plus an acu-point aromatherapy prescription. Diagnosis and treatment are based on "The Pick". 

"True Fit ergonomics for multi-dicipline teams."

Cause & Mission 

Defining the Frontier of Wellness Health

The CAUSE is humanity's need for expanded definitions of health. This must be inclusive to holistic healing ways, primitive and traditional medicine ways, and also the latest scince of quantum physics metaphysics. 
Premium Archetype Oil Kit
Jungian psychology 
  • Designed for professional healers to use in holistic integrative medicine. 
  • Kit set of 24 essential oil tarot substance-archeype vials in a redwwod box.
  • ​The redwood box bears a wax seal "W" and closes with a brass clasp.
  • The kit includes instructions for wellness diagnosis and treatment.
  • High quality EXQUISITE essential oils are used, yet not cost prohibitive.
  • The method involves timing and analyzing a client's blind pick of an oil archetype to formulate an integrative wellness diagnosis and treatment. 
  • The treatment involves applying picked oils to prescribed acu-points.  
  • Each kit is hand made in the USA in Maine.
  • We coach and mentor healers on how to use the kit and the methods.
  • We use our 81 tarot deck illustrations by Terry Lamb of   TerryLambArt  
    to illustrate the archetypes for posters, instructions and printed materials. 

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